In order to provide a safe, secure and pleasant movie going environment we ask for your cooperation in complying with the rules of conduct to be followed by all patrons

The following activities are prohibited at the Theatre:

  1. Loitering
  2. Presence without shirt or shoes
  3. Use of obscene language or gestures
  4. Running, horseplay, throwing objects or debris
  5. Disorderly or disruptive conduct of any nature
  6. Standing or gathering in groups in such a way as to cause an inconvenience to others
  7. Defacing, damaging or destroying any property at the Theatre
  8. Playing of radios or musical instruments not part of any activity approved by the Theatre Management
  9. Yelling, screaming or similar behavior or making noise of sufficient volume to interfere with or be disruptive to the operation of the Theatre
  10. Use of skateboards, rollerblades/roller-skates, or scooters on Theatre property, or bicycling in common areas of the Theatre other than as allowed on roadway for access to the Theatre
  11. Cell phone use inside the auditorium
  12. Sitting in areas other than areas designated for that purpose
  13. Entering any area of the Theatre not open to the public
  14. Distribution of any kind of literature, conducting surveys, engaging in protest, or solicitation without prior permission of Theatre Management
  15. Possession of any article defined as a weapon, whether illegal or not, unless the person possessing such weapon is law enforcement personnel required to carry such a weapon
  16. Threatening or harassing any person
  17. Taking unauthorized photographs of the Theatre property, storefront, or other areas or events without the permission of Theatre Management
  18. Failure to comply with traffic controls and/or traffic personnel and posted speed limits at the Theatre
  19. Any act defined by Federal, State, or Local Law, statute or ordinance as a criminal act
  20. Animal/Pet Policy:
    Animals: Specifically trained to assist disabled persons are always welcome
    Pets: Are not allowed on the property

Continued violations of these rules after verbal warning may result in expulsion from the Theatre. Repeated violations of these rules may result in banning from the Theatre

Smithfield Cinemas, LLC

Ticket Prices

Matinee (Before 6:00PM)
All Tickets: $7.50

Evening (After 6:00PM)
Adults: $10.00
Seniors (65+): $7.50
Children (4-12): $7.50
Students w/ ID: $9.00

* Add $3.00 per ticket for 3D Movies
** Children 3 & Under are Free!

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